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Sound visualization (Coursera)

Hi, my name is Michael.

For the first peer reviewed assignment I decided to choose the topic of sound visualization.

In my presentation I hope to explain the basics of three possible domains used for sound representation and present open source tools with examples of various sound visualisation techniques.

Some of the most popular and useful domains for representation of sound waves are:

  • time domain
  • frequency domain
  • tiime-frequency domain

While recording something with a mobile voice recorder or playing music in player with equalizer you either observed the sound changes in the form of dancing wave or bars of spectrum.


The static version of sound representation wave of oscilloscope/osciilograph

The horizontal axis is time, the vertical is amplitude of the signal.

The real-time display of osciloscope recorded.

The frequency of tone changes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz

In order to see the frequency content of the signal one should use spectrum analyzer.

The snapshot of spectrum analyzer taken in some moment of time might look like these.