How to automatically process collection of sounds on Windows.


  1. Download and install sox.
  2. Run windows command line. “Start->Run Program-> type “cmd” and press enter.
  3. Enter directory storing files you want to process. (cd  command)
  4. Create directory for output files mkdir processed
  5. Run command:
    1. forfiles /m *.wav  /c “sox @path <sox-flags> <output_dir>\\@file”
      1. Variables starting with @ are CMD shell built-in varilables
      2. Variables in angle brackets should be specified by the user
  6. Voila. Results are available in the “processed” directory

Usage examples:

  1. Reduce bit depth to 16 bits
    1. for files /m *.wav  /c “sox @path -b 16 processed\\@file”
  2. FLAC files info
    1. for files /m *.flac /c “sox @path -n stats”



[2] Great explnatation by Hydrogen forum members about why one should always use dither when reducing bit rate.


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