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Maschine studio and ableton live 9 configuration notes

How to setup maschine studio as controller in ableton live 9?

1) Install updates to controller editor.

Template from this webpage does not work:  http://maschinetutorials.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Maschine_Live_Template.zip

2) Watch tutorial video and have some fun:)

3) To use ableton and maschine simultaneuosly, without a need to opening multiple instances of vst maschine and losing original maschine pad sensitivity

4) To record  audio from maschine to ableton for mix

a) Create new audio tracks with audio input set to external instrument. Keep audio output to master

b) On external instrument select “sends only”  and set audio output to to recently created audio channel

Shortcuts for control surface:

shift+channel – > switch between maschine and ableton control mode:

hold group h + pad – > stop playing particular track on ableton

in pattern mode:

mute + pad # – > mute track #

solo  + pad # – > solo track #

in pad mode:

side buttons under knob -> change octave

bass note +  knob ->  shifts all notes by semitone

navigate mode:

Remember to MIDI arm instrument

Use side buttons under main knob  to select mode e.g. edit, channel, tune, swing.

Device mode:

use focus to  switch views from piano roll to mixer, session view and browser


Recording MIDI from Maschine Studio directly into Ableton Live

Based on the tutorial by St. Jones.

My initial problems were solved after discovering that the MIDI input to Maschine VST was enabled. Hoping it will help someone!

1) Set MIDI Host group in Maschine Studio VST\

  1. (optional) Rename the group to MIDI Host
  2. (right-click) on the MIDI host group -> Group MIDI Batch Settings -> Sounds to MIDI Notes
  3. Set sound/pad #1 MIDI output note on C3
  4. Assign remaining MIDI Host group MIDI notes to chromatic scale values by transposing all following notes by 1 step more than the previous one e.g. C#, D, F … ,C4
  5. Select all notes and select MIDI output to Host
  6. Set MIDI host group MIDI input to active and channel 1 (no feedback)
  7. Set Group 2 MIDI Input to channel 2. Transpose root note to C3
  8. Set Group 3 MIDI Input to channel 3

2) Ableton

  1. Set external instrument #1 MIDI settings to Maschin
  2. Set external instrument #2 MIDI settings to Maschine
  3. Set track 2 MIDI Output to “Maschine channel 2”
  4. Set track 3 MIDI Output to “Maschine channel 3”


  1. Set group #2 audio output to Ext2
  2. Set External instrument #1 audio input to Machine channel #2

Ableton short track.

1) CTRL ALT B – open browser

2) Select kit

3) Double click new midi truck

4) “B” to change from edit to draw mode

5) Ctrl + 2 – widen grid, Ctrl + 1 – narrow grid

5) Create track

6) Ctrl + ALT + T – new midi track

7) Arm tracks and enable “session record”

8) Click on whatever track “stop” button to stop playing current clip

9) Use master track to play whole scenes (clips in the same line)

10) Insert audio effects

11) Record session into arrangement mode

12) Disarm all tracks



Shift + Home – select all arrangement from the point to the beggining